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A comment made by a Nottinghampshire lady after buying two of Dick Pedley’s paintings.

‘One of the paintings that I purchased was of ‘Higger Tor’. I was so curious to find this place in real life…. I bought walking boots and a map and went in search of same. Since then I have revisited Higger Tor several times!

Because I bought this painting, you could say it’s changed not just my life but my family’s too, as I’ve dragged them over hills and moors and we have all walked a few thousand miles since then.

I’m 70 years old now and have angina but my boots still go on and last year I walked a good 1000 miles. I just can’t thank you enough for introducing me to the outside life. I would not have seen the beauty of it all if I had not gone in search of Higger Tor.’

We all at Hallam Art Group hope that others have enjoyed our work .

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