Forthcoming Events

In view of the rapidly developing Coronavirus situation, the decision has been taken to cancel the weekly meetings and all future planned events until further notice. This includes the annual Hallam Art Group Spring Exhibition & Sale which was scheduled to take place on Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 May 2020 at Sheffield Botanical Gardens.

Recent events

12 March 2020 Workshop – Pattern and Decorative Art from Ancient Cultures, Civilisations and Countries. The aim of the workshop was to explore and appreciate the decorative arts of ancient civilizations and of other countries by studying 2D and 3D surface pattern, ornament and applied design. Members were invited to bring objects, perhaps brought back from their travels, for example, pottery, textiles, carvings, fans etc. These were used to create a Still Life group of eclectic objects to draw or paint and a number of other reference materials were provided for inspiration.

23 January 2020 Workshop – Drawing Costumed Figures. This was a lively and well attended session. Ten members volunteered to wear a variety of costumes and they took turns to model in groups of four or five. Members enjoyed the evening, producing plenty of sketches. Our models all agreed that the task of keeping still is more demanding than it appears!

19 November until 19 December 2019 Exhibition and Sale of Paintings by members of Hallam Art Group at Forge Dam Café

November 2019 ‘Boxing Clever’ A Still Life Workshop Members were invited to develop their ideas about perspective by drawing packages, parcels, decorative and gift wrapped boxes from different viewpoints.

November 2019 Our Autumn Exhibition took place at the HCYA Hall on Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 November. The Eric Gregory Trophy for the ‘Best Picture in Show’ was awarded to Isabel Blincow.

Isabel with the winning painting ‘Ravenscar, early morning’

The Exhibition also featured a retrospective of work by Barbara Priest, a talented watercolour artist and much missed member of Hallam Art Group, who died suddenly in May 2019.

October 2019 A Talk on Perspective Hallam Art Group member, John Abel, used diagrams and examples of the work of past and current artists to deliver a light-hearted Power Point presentation on the laws of perspective. The session was much enjoyed by the members.

October 2019 Workshop on Decorative Architecture Members were invited to collect a variety of images of architectural details and to create a photomontage using some of the ideas presented by artist Pam Smart in her demonstration of Adventurous Architecture.

September 2019 Adventurous Architecture Artist Pam Smart demonstrated a lively approach to Decorative Architecture by creating a mixed media montage based on her sketches of doors, domes, arches and windows. A variety of techniques such as block painting in watercolour, collage and stencilling were used to produce innovative and unpredictable results. Her presentation was much enjoyed by the members and some expressed an interest in developing the ideas for themselves.

June 2019 Sketching Outdoors at Marsh Lane Allotment

All year exhibitions
Lodgemoor Surgery, Fulwood
Three Merry Lads pub, 610 Redmires Road, S10 4LJ

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