Gina Hodges ‘A Harbour’

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Mike Green - Bluebell Walk (Ecclesall Woods, Sheffield)
Mike Green ‘Bluebell Walk , Ecclesall Woods’

Myfanwy Williams - Coast
Myfanwy Williams ‘Coast’
Gerry Kersey Staithes, Tides Out
Gerry Kersey ‘Staithes, Tides Out’
John Abbott - Plockton
John Abbott ‘Plockton’
Jo Gittins - Barn Owl by Moonlight
Jo Gittins ‘Barn Owl by Moonlight’
Barrie Jervis ‘Higger Tor’
Ray Hensher - The River Docks, Hull
Ray Hensher ‘The River Docks, Hull’
Richard Johns - 'Sheffield Tools'
Richard Johns ‘Sheffield Tools’

Caroline Egglestone ‘Holkham Pines’
Richard Pedley ‘Winter Deepdale’

Isabel Blincow ‘Windswept’
Peter Wright ‘The Wye above Haddon’

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