Eric Gregory and his wife, Rosie, came to live in Lodge Moor in 1973.  This was just as the recently formed HCYA ( Hallam Community and Youth Association) had raised enough money to propose that a new Community Hall be built on a site adjacent to Hallam Primary School.  Eric had always had artistic talent but had never had the time to develop it fully.  A chance meeting with local artist Isabel Blincow at a Christmas party that year resulted in a plan to form a Hallam Art Group as one of the first activities of the new Association.  Six original members, who had responded to an advertisement placed with a local newsagent, started to meet in a prefabricated building adjacent to the School, whilst the new Hall was being built.

In time Eric became the Art Group’s third Chairman and remained so for many years.  He cared passionately about the Group and, not content with being just a figurehead, he became a source of inspiration and encouragement for all the activities.  In his later years, failing eyesight and general health issues curtailed his attendance at meetings but not his interest in our progress.  Eric died in 2011.  His boundless enthusiasm and ready wit are still missed and will always be remembered.

Many years after its formation, the Art Group continues to thrive and has close to seventy members (which is the maximum number), who meet weekly to paint, learn more about art and different techniques and enjoy creative activities with like-minded people.  Hallam Art Group has developed a fine reputation for encouraging talented local artists and exhibits their work twice a twice a year at the Hallam Community Hall and at the Sheffield Botanical Gardens.